Man Revives Ancient Cliche, Jumps From Brooklyn Bridge


Someone decided to leap off the Brooklyn Bridge Tuesday night, NYPD
confirms. The Brooklyn Heights Blog says the suicidal man “kept police at
bay for over 30 minutes last
night as he threatened to jump…

“The drama unfolded shortly after 10:30 p.m. with reports of a man, armed
with a knife, threatening to commit suicide. Police responded, and found
the man clinging to the outside edge of the bridgework, west of the Brooklyn
tower, along the Manhattan-bound lanes of traffic. Cops from the Emergency
Service Squad secured themselves to the bridge, and attempted to initiate
conversation, as police and fire boats circled nearby.

“The officers
encountered difficulty communicating with the subject, as he could only
speak Arabic. An Arabic-speaking officer, assigned to the Transit Bureau,
was located and hurried to the scene. The distraught man, still apparently
armed with the knife, was now clinging to the bridge by two fingers, and he
plummeted to the water seconds later.”

The man was then apparently pulled out of enveloping waters by the crew of
an FDNY Marine boat. The blog reports the jumper sustained minor injuries,
and is being treated at Lutheran Medical Center.


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