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Nadler, Citing Progressivism, Endorses Aborn


One of the charming distinctions of this jurisdiction is, in contrast to redneck climes, we insist on liberal credentials even in our law enforcement officers. Congressman Jerry Nadler has endorsed Richard Aborn for Manhattan D.A., in large part, it would appear, because Aborn carries the progressive flag more convincingly than his opponents. “If you want a true progressive leader who knows the D.A. office inside and out, understands public safety on the highest levels, and will protect our deepest values,” says Nadler, “Richard Aborn is far and away the best candidate for district attorney.”

Not that Nadler has anything to say against the other candidates, Cy Vance and Leslie Crocker Snyder. “I said to a number of people that Vance would be a good D.A.,” he said in a phone conference this afternoon, “and that Aborn would be an outstanding D.A.”

The Congressman said that Aborn has gotten the “bulk” of the available reform endorsements, which Nadler finds “interesting” because Aborn “doesn’t have a track record” in local politics, which demonstrates to him that Aborn won this support “simply by impressing” pols and club officials. Also, Nadler said, Aborn established “a record, back when these things weren’t popular,” of campaigning for gun control and reform of the Rockefeller drug laws.

In the long run, “Richard Aborn would do justice and honor to the office of Manhattan D.A. more than the others would,” said Nadler.

He didn’t get much more specific than that. Nadler’s a busy man, so we could understand that he wasn’t up on Aborn’s recent PreventState proposal (“if I understand it correctly, it’s something to computerize…” he trailed off), tnough when Aborn’s representative explained it to him he found it “made eminent sense.”


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 5, 2009


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