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Washington Post Article Challenges Us: Who Do We Like Less — Bloomberg or Gun Nuts?


The Washington Post has a look at Mayor Bloomberg’s victory over the NRA via the group he founded with Boston Mayor Thomas Merino, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), to which Bloomberg has dedicated $2.9 million of his considerable fortunes. As with old Japanese monster movie battles, in this story it’s hard to know who to root for…

Earlier this summer South Dakota Senator John Thune tried to push through a measure that would have allowed permitted guns to cross state lines. The GOP-NRA was relying on squish votes like Arlen Specter’s. But after Bloomberg’s criminal justice coordinator John Feinblatt called Specter from City Hall (!), and MAIG took out anti-gun ads in big Pennsylvania papers, Specter receded from support for Thune’s amendment, which was subsequently defeated on July 22 in the Senate. (In debates, Thune made the rube mistake of bringing up crime in Central Park, to which Bloomberg responded, “Does anybody remember the last time there was a murder in Central Park?” The Daily News cheered, “This Ain’t South Dakota.”)

The Post says that the NRA — which before the Thune vote castigated Bloomberg and MAIG for “running ads trying to scare your lawmakers and the American people into opposing this crucial Right-to-Carry reform” — is out to get our Mayor.

Normally we applaud anyone who challenges this rich pain in the ass. But can we cheer the NRA, who would if given their druthers return our city to the gun-libertarian paradise seen in Gangs of New York? Oh to hell with it: let them take him down if they can (politically, we mean! Take us off that watchlist!), and if they do manage to flood our streets with weaponry as God and Charlton Heston intended, we can use it to defend ourselves against them.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 5, 2009

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