APA: Gay-Straightening Doesn’t Work


A committee of the American Psychological Association has released a study that says gay-straightening has not been shown to work, and the APA’s Council of Representatives passed a resolution suggesting that shrinks not offer such services to their patients.

The Wall Street Journal reads it a little differently: while “the therapist must make clear that homosexuality doesn’t signal a mental or emotional disorder,” says the WSJ, if the patient has a strong religious reason to reject his or her gayness, “psychologists can help him construct an identity that rejects the power of those attractions.”

TeachTheFacts strong disputes the Journal‘s reading. But anti-gay folk don’t see it as a victory for their side, either:

Joe Nicolosi, director of the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic, who claims to have been straightened up himself, says, “The APA is really failing to not only represent science, which is its primary responsibility, but it’s also failing to inform people.”

“The American Psychological Association has once again thrown over the Bible, centuries of Western civilization, countless present day examples, and that niggling element predominant in real branches of science (i.e., hard evidence),” says Vital Signs. “That’s not a surprise given the political motivations of this group in recent years,” says The Seventh Sola.

“Well, where’s the scientific evidence that they are homosexual,” says CULTURESHOCKTV. “There is none. No lab test, No DNA, No blood test, No this is not science. THIS IS PSCIENCE!”

From the other side come some humorous references to Ted Haggard.


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