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City Council Aides to Get Two Four-Percent Raises


Our pay may be frozen, but when you work for politicians there’s always a little somethin’-somethin’ somewhere. In March the Albany Democrats found some extra money for their hard-working aides. Last month Mayor Bloomberg authorized $69 million in raises and bonuses for managers. The city council’s drones must have asked, “What about me, boss?” because, the Daily News reveals, those aides are getting two four-percent raises: one backdated to March 2008, another to March of this year. There’s a nice little Labor Day present!

A leaked Speaker’s memo indicates these were inspired by the Mayor’s raises, which were in turn made to match raises authorized for workers in the city’s biggest municipal union, DC37. How much this all amounts to, the News has not learned; the largesse is allegedly within the council’s budget. (The councilmembers themselves will not get raises, but they’re making $112,500 already.)

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