Join State Senator Liz Krueger’s Subway Breastfeeding Caravan!


You may have heard that last week a mother suffered the indignity of a ticket for breastfeeding her kid in a parked car* on East 27th Street. Scoundrels! say we; but at least lactators have the subways, if state senator Liz Krueger and the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Subway Caravan have anything to say about it. You can join Krueger and members of the Brooklyn Alliance for Breastfeeding Empowerment (B.A.B.E.) Froday at 11:45 a.m. at 168th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, and with them hop the A and, if so inclined and equipped, nurse for freedom.

Senator Krueger did a similar ride last week, as part of the New York City Breastfeeding Promotion Leadership Committee’s annual protest against insufficient protection from legal harassment of nursing mothers on the subways. (Krueger is a sponsor of a Breastfeeding Mothers’ Bill of Rights meant to educate and empower b-feeders, which awaits the Governor’s signature.)

If B.A.B.E. sounds like a fanciful organization to you, be aware that they are also mentioned by the department of health in their release on World Breastfeeding Week (which ends tomorrow). In the release the department “reminds new mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding their baby.” It seems that when it comes to this only-right-and-natural act, our government has more than just your back. Photo (cc) myllissa.

Update: A reader notices the ticketed mom was ticketed for a parking violation, not for breastfeeding. So they say! We think it’s a clear case of IPWB (Illegally Parking While Breastfeeding), and you know the Man comes down hard on that.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 6, 2009

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