New York Press’ Roommate Buying Ads for Mike Bloomberg (Updated)


If you were wondering why there are so many Mike Bloomberg campaign ads in the New York Press*, here’s a clue: the man who runs Manhattan Media, which owns that paper and other such like including Our Town, now also has a business called Madison Square Partners operating out of Manhattan Media’s offices. It buys newspaper ads for clients. And their biggest client is Mike Bloomberg.

Since January the new company has brought in $409,007. $370,487 of that comes from the Bloomberg campaign. (Whew! Makes us feel a little better about the escort ads, ourselves.)

Allon assures reporter Azi Paybarah there is a strict wall between the two concerns, and that he has recused himself from the political endorsement process of his papers.

This fall Manhattan Media will turn the arts supplement it puts in some of its papers into a new stand-alone free paper called City Arts. Its writers will include National Review‘s Jay Nordlinger, with whom we’ve had dealings in the past.

*Update: There’s no indication MSP buys the Bloomberg ads in the Press.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 6, 2009

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