Women Eat Less on Dates with Men (Duh!); New York Cafes Go WiFi-less


A new study shows that women eat more when they eat with large groups of other women, and that — shocker! — they eat less when there are men present. Women will consume about 110 calories less when they’re on date with a man than if eating with a girlfriend.

“President Obama’s daughters get healthy school lunches. Why don’t I?” asks a poster that has been popping up around the capital recently as part of a campaign to reform the Child Nutrition Act, which determines the nutritional content of public school lunches.

TV journalist Lisa Ling spoke on behalf of her sister, Laura, who was just freed from her detainment in North Korea. Ling said her sister was looking forward to “fresh fruit and fresh food,” and that during her imprisonment there had been “rocks in her rice.”

Padma Lakshi talks about how to stay fit when you eat for a living. The Top Chef host and judge regularly puts on 10 to 15 pounds each season. When the show is not in production, she boxes, walks stairs, and detoxes, avoiding booze, red meat, and cheese.
[NY Times]

New York cafes are pulling the plug on wireless Internet — some just during peak lunch hours. As more people are out of work and spending their days at the coffee shop on their laptops, more establishments have had to limit or ban the practice.
[Wall Street Journal]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 6, 2009


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