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Fun Read of the Day: List of New York Reps, Senators Earmarks ($5 Mil for Jazzmobile?)


Some time ago we looked at some of the member items state senators requested in Albany. Impressive, but petty cash compared to what they spend in D.C.

A group called Washington Watch — yeah, they’re libertarians (i.e. wingnuts with weed), but we’ll take our thrills where we can get them — has a handy list of all New York Congressional Representatives’ and Senators’ earmarks requested for this cycle. Doesn’t mean they got them, just that this is where they started negotiating.

Charlie Rangel, for example, has asked for five million dollars for Jazzmobile — to which we can’t much object if Chairman Billy Taylor gets all of it; otherwise we expect to see a damn fleet of Jazzmobiles.

And did you know these guys can just ask for money for cities? Kirsten Gillibrand asked for five million for Mount Vernon. If we were a Senator, we’d ask for all of it to go to one place, then go there and be king.

And Carolyn McCarthy wants $246,800 to go to “Renovation to Franklin Square Senior Center” via something called “Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Rockville Centre, NY.” Did you know your tax dollars were going to finance Papists? Those people would cut your throat if they could.

Some of the requests are a little huh-what, like Anthony Weiner’s request for the $435,000 for Millenium Development — you’d think with all that money they’re at least make decent flyers. Some Reps will surprise you, though. For example, Ed Towns mainly wants money for schools like Pratt and Brooklyn College. With his reputation, we thought he’d want to spend it all on clothes or a stereo system.

So there you have it. If you’re right-wing, you can use it as evidence that we oughta go back to the simpler days of sod houses, child labor, and God. If you’re normal, you can wonder why your Rep didn’t bring home more bacon. It’s fun for the whole national family!


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 7, 2009


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