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Kyra Sedgwick Pleads for Fellow Performers in Letter to Bloomberg


Actress Kyra Sedgwick wants Mayor Mike Bloomberg to help some visiting circus
elephants she thinks are being tormented. The celeb has faxed Mayor
Bloomberg a letter (which PETA provides a via its
.) in which she asks him to assure he’ll never again
let allegedly elephant-torturing Ringling Bros. Circus come to Coney

says the circus abuses its elephants with bullhooks and chains (as seen in this now-famous video) and
the city should distance itself from such cruelties. The actress then moves
on to making some suggestions on how Bloomberg could alleviate the
suffering of the circus elephants that are currently entertaining crowds at

“Prohibit chaining (except for legitimate medical emergencies) and require
that the elephants have round the clock access to an outdoor pen as well as
appropriate ground covering and substrates such as loose dirt, sand, and hay
to sleep, walk, and stand on. Although the enclosure won’t allow them to
walk up to the thirty miles a day as they would in the wild, having a tiny
bit more freedom and soft surfaces will help their tired feet and joints.

“Prohibit the use of bullhooks and electric prods on elephants. elephants
have extremely sensitive skin and can even feel the pain of an insect bite.
These barbaric tools are no longer used by most zoos with elephants and have
never been used by accredited sanctuaries. ”

Sedgwick, who was reached through a spokesperson, says she hasn’t heard back
from Bloomie yet.

Stu Loeser, Bloomberg’s press secretary, confirms the mayor’s office
received the letter. ” We haven’t responded yet,” he writes via email, “but
we will — as we do to every letter that somebody writes to the Mayor.”

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