Listening to John Hughes


Jim DeRogatis has probably penned the definitive thing so far on John Hughes the music fan, complete with the eye-popping detail that while in Chicago, and “well into his prime years as a filmmaker, he loved nothing more than haunting the racks of vinyl at the old Wax Trax record store on Lincoln Avenue in the heady days after the punk explosion yielded to New Wave and the electronic dance sounds that followed.” As Hughes apparently told DeRogatis in a radio interview in 1999, “It was there that he first connected with many of the bands that would become staples of his soundtracks.” Looking back, it’s eerie how deep some the cuts went in Hughes’s films–beyond the obvious Simple Minds/Spandau Ballet/Psychedelic Furs axis, Hughes used music from first album J&MC, English goth weirdoes the March Violets, Roger Troutman’s Zapp, and a whole slew of other relatively obscure and choice acts from all over the spectrum. One particular bizarre Hughes soundtrack–the Sigue Sigue Sputnick/Flowerpot Men/John Williams/Dream Acadamy salad that accompanied Ferris Bueller’s Day Off–was never released, reportedly because Hughes thought it was too bonkers to sell. The music blog Paradiso Italo went ahead and compiled it anyway, and you can download here. Highly recommended, if only for SSS’s massively silly and triumphant “Love Missile F1-11.” [h/t The Tripwire]

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