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“Nice Guy Must Die” — Video of George Sodini Getting Dating Advice


Yesterday, we told you that George Sodini, the pathetic piece of shit who walked into a Pittsburgh gym and opened fire on a classroom of women, killing three and then himself, was a student of How to Date Young Women guru R. Don Steele.

Steele’s book is prominently displayed on Sodini’s coffee table in a video tour of his house that Sodini left on the web. But we also noted that in a video of a Steele seminar, Sodini is clearly visible.

Soon after we wrote that, Steele took down the video, which had been on his YouTube channel, “Steelballs.” (He calls the company that prints his books Steel Balls Press.)

Well, we managed to nab a copy of that seminar video before Steele took it down, and we’ve excerpted some key moments for you to see (above). Here’s what you’ll see…

A title tells us that this is part one from Steele’s “The Right
Attitude” seminar. We can’t tell from the tape if this was a class that
Steele held in the Pittsburgh area or whether Sodini traveled somewhere
to take it, but soon after the title disappears, the camera pans to
take in some of the guys in attendance and right away we can see Sodini.

He’s the one in a white shirt, and appears to be the only guy not wearing a suit jacket.

then cut to later in the tape, when Sodini is introducing himself to a
couple of women. It’s hard to tell, but on the original it’s a little
clearer that he’s saying, “Hi, I’m George from Pittsburgh.” (Steele
hires the women to give the men practice interacting and using his

Then, finally, we see Steele himself writing the
words “Nice Guy Must Die” on a whiteboard: “I would say that’s the
problem with most of the guys in the room. That you’re too nice. Women
don’t like that. They don’t respect it. It’s about as arousing as a

For a long, in-depth piece about Steele’s background
and his classes, as well as the larger industry of seminars for men
taught by “experts” who claim they can make them more effective
seducers, go here and scroll down to our 2000 story, “Battling Babe-Hounds.”

for the most part, these dating gurus are reprehensible, and their
acolytes sound like predatory creeps of the worst sort, who, as we
pointed out in our long feature story, “seem to regard women as little
more than easily bamboozled sperm receptacles.”

So it doesn’t surprise us that in this morning’s New York Post,
Steele is characterized as a “slimy sex guru” who was Sodini’s
inspiration. No doubt the entire get-laid industry will come under
attack in the wake of the Sodini mass murder. And we certainly won’t
shed a tear for the hypnotizers and “speed seducers” and their macho
misogynist mantras. Go here for an excellent first step in that direction by a Jezebel writer.

we’ll offer this one, small caveat: Steele, while he is slimy in many
ways, was not encouraging his students to target young women for sex
and then abandonment. His aim has always been to help men find
girlfriends and even wives. Maybe that’s not much comfort after one of
his students pulled a Sodini. But knowing Steele as well as we did back
in 2000, we’re pretty confident that the last thing he wanted was for
one of his students to go postal and take his advice, ‘Nice Guy
Must Die,’ so literally. It’s little wonder he’s not answering his
phone. (But we’re going to keep trying. Pick up, Don.)

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