Cash-Strapped Cuba Almost Out of Toilet Paper


This is for real. After being sacked by three horrendous hurricanes and exposed to the ravages of the global economic crisis, Cuban officials have reported that the country is fast running out of toilet paper. Reuters reports that that Cuba is in a terrible bind: it doesn’t have enough raw materials to produce enough toilet paper to satisfy the wiping needs of its entire population of 11 million,and, with the economy in free fall, the country doesn’t have the funds to import it.

And the problem is not limited to toilet paper — Cuba is falling short of many basic consumer items. As with just about everything else, Cuban officials are blaming the U.S. trade embargo that has been in place for decades for their woes.

Our solution: raid the bathrooms at Guantanamo Bay. With prisoners being shipped out every day, there must be toilet paper to spare. Image via.


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