Copter-Small Plane Crash Kills 9; Tighter Regulation of Hudson Airspace Sought


Crews have recovered the helicopter and most of the bodies from this weekend’s midair collision that killed nine, and continue to search the Hudson for the remainder. The chopper piloted by Jeremy Clarke was struck Saturday by a Piper PA-32 small plane piloted by Steven Altman. Five Italian tourists were in the helicopter; Altman’s brother and nephew were in the plane; all are believed dead. Congressman Micahel McMahon says he’ll go to the FAA and the Port Authority for better regulation of the airspace over the Hudson, which is said to be rife with “weekend warrior” pilots running their craft out of radio contact with authorities; Dan Rose, a chopper pilot who witnessed the crash, tells the Times his craft’s warning system for air traffic goes off so frequently when he cruises the Hudson his head is “constantly on a swivel.” Photo (cc) lrburton.