Dan Barber on Blight; A Hot Dog Vendor Loses His $50K+ Spot


Hot weather can mean hot, sticky mouths and bad breath. Here are a few quick fixes to the problem: parsley seeds, salt water, apples, mint sprigs or cinnamon sticks, and berries and yogurt.
[NY Daily News]

Dan Barber (of Blue Hill) explains why this year’s blight is so bad, and offers a few suggestions on how the situation could have been avoided in his Times op-ed. Apparently, those who grow their own tomatoes at home could have contributed to the early blight.
[NY Times]

A hot dog vendor was booted from his spot outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art because he couldn’t pay the $53,558 monthly rent the city was charging. Now, Sherpa Pasang is selling hot dogs for another vendor.
[NY Daily News]

Gordon Ramsay talks about his own kitchen nightmare. His restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Prague are losing money, so he’s had to hand back ownership of two kitchens to the hotels that house them, fire some 15 percent of his staff, and swap out rib-eyes for shank and brisket.
[Wall Street Journal]

The Daily News profiles the city’s ice cream truck drivers, including Doug Quint of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck; Pablo Amgulo, a Mister Softee driver; and the Van Leeuwens of Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream.
[NY Daily News]


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