Incredibly Cheap Eats: Stuffed French-Style Rolls at Golden Steamer


Looking very up-to-date, a new storefront has appeared on Mott Street in Chinatown, just north of Canal. Golden Steamer is not quite a bakery, if you require a bakery to actually bake its goods in an oven. Rather, Golden Steamer makes things out of dough that have been steamed rather than baked. This includes a whole range of stuffed, French-style rolls that often resemble croissants, though the pastry is bouncy rather than flaky.

These rolls are on special for the incredibly cheap price of $1.25 for three, and you choices include rolls rather obscenely stuffed with hot dogs, rolls that have slices of ham and cheese inside like a sandwich, and rolls encrusted with scallions and other flavoring agents. In addition, the place sells steamed dumplings, and–rather inconsistently, given the name–fried dumplings. 143A Mott Street, no phone

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