New York

Justice for Oreo: Alleged Dog Thrower Charged


Oreo, the pit bull who was allegedly thrown from a Red Hook roof in June, is still nursing her considerable injuries, but may take some comfort from the fact that her alleged assailant, 19-year-old Fabian Henderson, has been indicted by the Brooklyn D.A.’s office for aggravated animal cruelty and violating an old agricultural statute against “overdriving, torturing and injuring animals.” Also, because the landlord didn’t allow people on the roof in the first place, he’s been charged with third-degree criminal trespass. He has pleaded not guilty…

Witnesses reported to the ASPCA on June 18 that someone was audibly beating a dog in the vicinity of West Ninth Street. Shortly thereafter, Oreo descended from the roof of Number 28, a distance of six flights. ASPCA special agent Peter Rivas arrested Henderson at the scene. The suspect claimed the dog had jumped. Oreo has been tended by the ASPCA since then, Henderson having wisely signed away his rights to the animal.

Oreo’s plight touched animal lovers, who sent letters of condolence and adoption interest to the Daily News. Oreo suffered shattered forelegs as well as internal bruising and damage to her lungs; her legs have been repaired with screws and plates. The ASPCA says she “still has a long way to go” in her recovery. Photo via ASPCA.


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