Latest Anti-Health-Care Thing: Obama Will Either Kill or Have Sex With Old People



We’re always grateful when Our Country Deserves Better sends us links to their upcoming TV ads (though we’d also appreciate it if they’d tell us on what stations, if any, they will be playing). In their latest we are told that under “Barack Obama’s socialistic health care plan,” “medical care will be rationed, even denied to the elderly” — that is, seniors will be left to die on a hillside with Trig Palin. But the production values are all wrong — they’re too professional! You can’t get the tea party outrage across without such proletarian touches as the famous Obama Joker poster, injudicious use of scratched-film and solarization filters, and Jim Morrison singing “Mother — I want to — fuck you!” over an old lady in a hospital bed. Also: the “blue bus” is the Obama bus. Jim saw it all in ’67, man!


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