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New York the “Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World,” Bloomberg Most Weed-Busting Mayor


New York holds so many crowns: The most populous U.S. city, most World Series victories, the worst road rage, etc. But we are less enthused to learn that, according to AlterNet, New York “makes more pot arrests than any city in the world” and is thus “the marijuana arrest capital of the world.” Since 1997 cops have arrested 430,000 citizens for possession of small amounts of weed.

Oh wait, wow, did we say that already? Yes, this part of the story is well known, but time has provided another wrinkle: You would expect Mayor Bloomberg, who has admitted to not only using but also enjoying cannabis, and who appeared on Coed magazine’s “10 Most Successful Potheads” list, to be less of a narc than Mayor Giuliani was. But surprise: 40,300 of these arrests were made in 2008 alone, and Bloomberg has officially outstripped Giuliani as the drug-bustingest New York Mayor.

The article goes on to discuss, as stoners tend to do, the legal charades by means of which cops can drag you to jail for what should ticketing offenses. (Short version: don’t voluntarily give up evidence.)


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 10, 2009

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