Modern dance music is a U.S. invention. Berlin minimalism, London dubstep, and global tropicalia may obscure that fact, but club culture is rooted in disco-inspired NYC garage, electro-loving Detroit techno—and the squelchy Roland TB-303 bass synth that gave Chicago acid house its signature sound. In 1986, recording with Spank and Herb J as Phuture, DJ Pierre helped found acid by producing the classic “Acid Tracks.” They convinced Ron Hardy to play the record at the Music Box, and the chirpy, driving masterpiece is as playfully compelling 20 years on. Now a New Yorker, DJ Pierre is fond of asserting that his music is for serious househeads rather than casual fans, but the jacking psychedelia typical of his sets should make a true believer of anyone. Confusingly, as a part of the P.S.1 Warm Up series, he’ll appear alongside a new incarnation of Phuture: Spank-Spank and Professor Trax play as PHuture 303. With House of Stank (DJs Christy Love and W. Jeremy) and the ambient drone of Growing.

Sat., Aug. 15, 2 p.m., 2009

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