Bloomberg Tweets Breaking News! Will Be Endorsed by Al Dia


And there you have it: N.Y. Al Dia, the Spanish-language daily which in April sort of replaced the defunct Hoy and joined other Impremedia Spanish New York papers El Diario and La Prensa on the newsstands, will va Bloomberg. It’s great to have an inside source, for once.

Earlier the Mayor tweeted us to petition the MTA. Bloomberg’s been harshing on the Authority for its impending pay raises, for which he believes straphangers will inevitably pay, and wants to add vox populi to his influence by demanding, not the cancellation of the raises — he knows us too well for that — but support for his “33-point plan to give New Yorkers the transit system we deserve.” Doesn’t this qualify as Astroturfing?


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 11, 2009

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