Bloomberg Tweets!


As you can see, he’s a twittering mayor for all the people. Though his twitter feed is usually written by campaign operatives, with such breathless dispatches as “@corybooker praises Mike’s leadership on Meet the Press today. Video of Mayor Booker endorsing Mike last month,” just this once “Mike Bloomberg will personally tweet for the day,” says his campaign. It was originally going to happen Monday, but the Hudson copter crash caused it to be postponed.

At this writing, this is his only post. He’s a busy man! But the tweeps are tweeting to him, both pro (“I live in San Francisco now and I miss ya! Keep up the good work in beautiful NYC”) and con (“How much you pay me that I should follow you?”).

Update: New tweet! “Was just w/ George Soros & Gov Paterson. The question isn’t how we can afford to help people in tough times – it’s how we can afford not to.” So he’s in with the conspirators! We’re starting to like him a little. Social media works!