Clinton Tells Off Kid Who Wonders Why Little Missy No Let Husband Be SoS; Media Harridans Descend


OK, everyone else has this thing so here you go. Hillary Clinton, as you already heard, told some kid in Kinshasa who asked (or was mistranslated to ask) what her husband thought about these international matters she unaccountably wanted to worry her pretty little head about, and the U.S. Secretary of State let the kid have it. Thus a federal official told an ignorant peon not to be disrespecting her & America or a bitch will get smacked, which is to us a shining moment in international relations, much like when we invaded all those stupid little countries when Reagan was President. The explainers of MSNBC are all mrr-rrow: Meredith Vieira says, “Some… suggest she is either jet lagged or jealous of her husband…” (or on the rag! Ha!), while Andrea Mitchell says “Some would say [she was] having a bad hair day” just before Mitchell’s skin, unable to hold under the pressure, snaps and tears away from her face, revealing her hideous, grinning skull.

If you could have somehow shown this to the Founders, you could have saved them and us a lot of trouble.

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