NY1: Swine Flu Victim Wife Sues City


You remember Queens I.S. assistant principal Mitchell Wiener, the first New Yorker to die in the recent swine flu epidemic (which outbreaks, the Department of Health tells us, have dramatically decreased in recent months). Wiener’s wife, who had accused the city of not acting quickly enough to save her husband and suggested that her family was not given sufficient information on the outbreak, is now suing the city, NY1 reports. Details are unavailable at this time.

Update: The filing is here. It charges “severe and permanent personal injuries,” as well as “violations of the Public Health Law, Education Law, General Municipal Law,” etc. against the City, the DOH, the Department of Education and the Board of Ed for “failing to timely report an outbreak of a communicable disease” and to make other arrangements pertaining to it. Damages of $40 million are asked.



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