Obama Health Care Town Hall Not So Noisy as Previous Versions


We came in late on the Obama Health Care Town Hall Meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but from the way MSNBC had the sound engineered — Obama and questioners loud, background sound low — we expect we didn’t miss much of the now-traditional yelling, if it occurred — though we’re sure YouTube will be full of enhanced video later.

Interesting Presidential assertion: when asked about the health care plan members of Congress gets, he told the questioner that “the janitor who cleans their offices” gets the same benefits. Thousands now wonder: how can I get that job? Obama was in full Cosby mode, folksy-ing it up generally. And he had a sign language interpreter, probably to convince people he didn’t want to kill deaf babies.

We see the early rightblogger returns are unfavorable. “Obama Kabuki theater in Portsmouth; crowd chants “YES, WE CAN!;” little girl laments “mean things” on protest signs; O lies about single-payer support,” reports Michelle Malkin. “Oh, crikey. Obama calls on a 13-year-old girl to lament the ‘mean signs’ about health care reform. ‘How do kids know what’s true’… Tried and true: When you can’t stand the heat, hide behind the kiddie human shields.” Breitbart commenters are also displeased: “the ‘skeptics’ questions were crap. Softballs… Why does the MSM continue to dispense the kool-aid, and why does a great portion of American continue to drink it?”

Favorite roadside sign at Portsmouth, so far (h/t Camille (c) Steve De Trolio):

Update: Kind of loving this photo too. Is that some pensioner’s cane? Or someone trying to give Obama the hook?

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