Queens Residents Get Exotic CSA Veggies; Smith Street May Get a Mickey D’s


Local and organic is everywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but less so in Queens, partly because of the rare, ethnic ingredients used there. CSAs and Greenmarkets in Queens are now, however, starting to carry local and organic specialty foods, like tomatillos, ancho peppers, and verdolaga.
[NY Daily News]

Five popular diet myths get debunked on MSNBC, including “dairy is bloating” (nope, unless you are lactose intolerant or suffer from an irritable bowel), and “alcohol turns to sugar” (nu-uh: the calories in booze come from alcohol, and the only sugar is in the mixer).

The Times science section addresses the question: How are some people able to eat hot peppers and others aren’t? The “hot” capsaicin is like a harmless drug to which some of us have developed a tolerance. To stop a burning mouth, eat more peppers. Or have a frozen yogurt.
[NY Times]

The MTA is selling its building at the corner of Smith Street and Wyckoff in Brooklyn, and the rumor around the neighborhood is that it could go to a McDonald’s or some other fast-food chain.
[Brooklyn Paper]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 11, 2009


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