Filing: Lenny Dykstra Lives on $5,700 a Month


Poor Lenny Dykstra, former Mets star and car wash and publishing tycoon, has had a terrible year. First his tax preparer sued him, then his wife left him, then he went bankrupt. Now the Smoking Gun has put out part of his bankruptcy filing, which reports his monthly income from his MLB pension as $5,700, apparently his only revenue stream. (Yeah, we live on less ourselves, but this is Lenny Dykstra.) The trademark of his Player’s Club magazine is valued at $0, but his German Shepherd, which he reportedly bought “as a souvenir” from a trip to Germany, is estimated to be worth $10,000. We think it’s time the Mets stepped up and gave him a job. Whatever his value as a coach, he’ll certainly have some stories to tell around the clubhouse.



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