G. Lucas Crane From Woods: “I basically dare you to date me.”


Brooklyn lo-fi noise punk: unlikely well of local magazine bachelor profiles! First came New York‘s “totally weird” profile of Dustin Payseur, of Beach Fossils, who spoke about the Brooklyn warehouse scene and Urban Outfitters by way of providing an example of your typical, strugglin’ New York artist. Bushwick, stand up. And now comes Time Out New York into the fray with its “Date These Music Lovers” feature, in which Woods/Nonhorse mastermind G. Lucas Crane offers himself up as willing bachelor, here to let you know that your future with him will involve “spearing wild pigeons, collecting rain for drinking water and playing leather drums on abandoned rooftops.” Also, by way of introducing himself:

    I do what’s called ‘tape manipulation’ if you’re being literal, or ‘weird shit’ if you’re watching me jam on the floor at a sweaty basement show. I record samples onto common cassette tapes and mix them by hand crossfader-style through effects, and into a found-sound wall of shifting texture. I know, I know, don’t tell your mom. I also play tapes and sing affected vocals in Woods and do a solo drone project called Nonhorse. It’s all very abstract and insectoid

So also, ladies, you know he doesn’t take himself seriously! Are you ready for “fire from the sky, great fissures in the pavement of the city choked with weeds, fighting with savage mutants over batteries and drinking water”? If so, you’re in luck–he left TONY his email address. Take that Craigslist. Print’s not dead!

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