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Leaked: Excerpt from David Mamet’s The Diary of Anne Frank


Peter: Goddamned fucking Nazis.
Anne: You want a potato?
Peter: No, I don’t want a potato.
Anne: Take a potato.
Peter: I don’t want a fucking potato.
Anne: Go on, take a potato.
Peter: What do I want with a fucking potato?
Anne: We’re starving.
Peter: (pause) What the hell, I’ll take a potato. (takes potato, eats)
Anne: I kinda like it without salt.
Peter: Salt. That shit’ll kill you.
Anne: Okay.
Peter: I’m trying to make light of a fuckin’ situation here.
Anne: Okay.
Peter: Like when you spilled milk on that cunt’s fur coat.
Anne: That was an accident.
Peter: (Monologue on how there are no accidents)
Anne: Hey, kiss me.
Peter: Why the fuck not?

David Mamet’s new version of The Diary of Anne Frank will be produced by Disney.



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