Mad Men Has the Right Stuff (to Drink); A Good Year for Peaches


Late-night revelers are still “discovering” the halal food cart at 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue, which was started in 1992 by Mohamed Abouelenein, who wanted to serve taxi and limousine drivers sick of hot dogs.
[NY Times]

Cocktails are a vital element of the AMC series Mad Men. Drinks historians and experts, such as Dale DeGroff, formerly of the Rainbow Room, say the portrayal of 1960s drinking culture in high-powered New York has mostly — minus a blunder or two — been accurate on the show.
[NY Times]

Veggietrader is like a Craigslist for vegetable growers. It’s free and features national listings for seeds, plants, fruits, herbs, and vegetables from some 5,000 members. You can also search by zip code.
[NY Times]

A cool rainy spring and recent sunshine has meant a good year for peaches on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. The fruit is fragrant and sweet, if modest in size.
NY Times]

The Omnivore’s Delusion may be a wake-up call for fans of The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Author and farmer Blake Hurst points out that farming without herbicides means more tilling and erosion, free-range turkeys are prone to attack, and un-crated hogs can crush their piglets to death.
[NY Times]


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