New Wavves: “Cool Jumper”


Nathan Williams’s MySpace seems to indicate that Wavves have picked up a new, fulltime member–Zach Hill, who I guess we can stop identifying as a member of Hella, since he’s also a member of every other band, ever. Anyway, Hill is up there, as far as ridiculous, bestial rock drummers go, and he’s an odd choice for Williams in some ways, but also a good one. On the band’s new and excellently named “Cool Jumper,” the surf-slacker distortion of Wavves meets something far more impatient and to the point–Williams’s watery drawl chopped into little pieces by Hill’s drumsticks, the whole gauzy, fuzzy morass finally sounding its own bottom. If we’re being honest, we sort of miss the dazed, barely-adept four-four that old drummer Ryan Ulsh brought to past Wavves anthems–not in a good ol days way, just in the sense that there was something effective about a cracked backline for the stuff Williams was doing–but at least Hill and Williams probably won’t come to blows in public. They’re back here, by the way, in September, at Santos Party House.

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