Rightbloggers Expose Evil Little Girl at Obama Town Hall


Rightblogger Michelle Malkin reveals to a shocked public that the little girl who asked Obama about the mean signs at yesterday’s Health Care Town Hall is the daughter of Democratic activists. “Skreee,” says Malkin, “Skreeeeeeee.”

Gateway Pundit shows pictures of the girl’s mother wearing an Obama Inauguration t-shirt. “And here we thought Dear Leader was being so authentic and spontaneous at his town hall meeting today,” he says, perhaps sarcastically. “Children are useful props for the Obama message machine,” says noted birther Tom Maguire, “except when they don’t want them to be” — that is, when they are being killed to make Soylent Green for Obama’s socialist health care scheme.

Jammie Wearing Fool carries the ball further, saying not only that the girl was a plant, but also that the entire audience was “full of plants.” This includes, per Blue Crab Boulevard, the guy who brought a gun to the event (“very, very fishy… The guy was not wrestled to the ground by Secret Service… Either this guy is a headcase or he is a plant”).

Next, the entire Town Hall will be shown not to have really happened, like the Mars landing in Capricorn One.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 12, 2009

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