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Swimmer Feared Lost in Rockaway Waters


Another swimmer in the Rockaways appears to have died. Heyward Patterson, also known as Winky, had a few drinks and took a dip with friends near 15th Street Beach in the early morning hours and vanished. He was on disability and living with his mother. The Coast Guard has been searching the waters but hope at this point is faint.

There have been at least three other drownings in the vicinity since the weather got warm. The first was gruesomely covered by the Rockaway Wave in May; Daniel O’Neill went under early this month, and the most recent was that of Anthony Bolden, whose body was recovered last week. Newsday says there have also been “several big scares” in the Rockaway waters this summer due to rip tides. The hard currents of the Rockaways have long been considered the most treacherous in the city, which may be why people were so upset when one of the lifeguards there was recently caught wearing headphones.


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