‘The New York Times’ Defends Green Bell Peppers by Praising Other Kinds of Green Peppers


We were being a bit hyperbolic when we listed green bell peppers in our Things We Hate series–they have an important place as part of the Cajun holy trinity, for example, but we still find them generally unappetizing.

But today’s New York Times piece in defense of the green bell pepper is odd. Only a fraction the story focuses on actual green bell peppers, instead citing the culinary wonders of cubanelles, poblanos, shishitos, pimientos de padron, and jalapenos. Those are terrific peppers–thin skinned and flavorful, some spicy and pungent, some mellow and sweet. Who would hate on a chile relleno, made from a silky, roasted poblano, or blistered shishito peppers sprinkled with salt?

Although bell peppers share the genus capsicum annuum with many of the peppers and chiles we know, from pasillas to arbols to jalapenos to cayennes, the family connection doesn’t make green bell peppers any more delicious.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 12, 2009

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