New York

Cop Won’t Be Charged in Omar Edwards Shooting


A grand jury isn’t going to charge Officer Andrew Dunton, who in May shot dead Officer Omar Edwards (pictured). Dunton, who is white, believed Edwards, who was black and out of uniform, to be a civilian and possible perp, and with other officers fired on him.. Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau says that testimony reveals Edwards had pointed his gun at Dunton and made eye contact with him before his shooting, which appears to have convinced the jurors there was no criminal culpability in it.

Shortly after the shooting Graham Rayman interviewed Desmond Robinson, a black cop who was shot by his white colleagues in 1994. “My initial reaction was ‘not again’,” said Robinson. “It’s 15 years later. It’s a terrible thing for this to happen again. It’s not like you see white officers shooting white officers, or even African-American officers shooting white officers.” Al Sharpton has called for a special prosecutor in the case.



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