Does Ike Jime Live Up to the Hype? Stay Tuned to Find Out…


In a killer cliffhanger of a blog post, Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute describes an experiment he conducted — along with Nils Noren, Mindy Lvoff, David Chang of Momofuku, and Toshio Suzuki of Sushi Zen — to determine whether or not Ike Jime, a Japanese technique for killing fish, really lives up to all the hype. The idea to test the technique came from Chang, who had heard it was “bullshit.” Describing the experiment in detail (the quest for live fish in New York, the proper way to perform Ike Jime, the control group of fish killed Western-style), Arnold leaves us all hanging at the end with a “stay tuned!” to find out the results. Arg!

[via Diner’s Journal/NYT]

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