Food Corps Fear Nationwide Sugar Shortage; French Cooking Not Quite Over


Could the U.S. run out of sugar? Yes, say major food corps, if the government doesn’t ease import tariffs. Kraft, General Mills, Krispy Kreme, Hershey, and Mars have together written a letter to the Agriculture Department demanding more tariff-free sugar be allowed.
[Wall Street Journal]

How does a hot vendor afford $53,558 in monthly rent? Vendors have long been willing to shell out for the spot outside the Met. Last year’s occupant paid $415,000 a year plus some $25,000 for supplies and labor, and didn’t go under.

Liz Thorpe, vice president of Murray’s Cheese Shop and author of The Cheese Chronicles, talks shop: Once and for all, no, there is nothing cheese-related in Cheez Whiz.

Major food companies are worried about climate change legislation leading to higher food prices. A House bill passed in July, for example, doesn’t provide enough incentives for food companies to offset their carbon emissions using carbon credits.
[Wall Street Journal]

Is French cooking over? No, says Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder of the French Culinary Institute. Sort of, says Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, in that it has “evolved, thank God.”
[USA Today]


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