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Lance Armstrong Mildly Zinged by Andy Samberg in I Love You, Man DVD


Professional cycling goes on even after the Tour de France, but you’d never know if if all you did was follow Lance Armstrong. Even before his comeback, he rarely took part in late-season events after the Tour was finished.

So there’s little news to report about what Armstrong is up to these days. (We could tell you that he’s been motorcycle riding with some righteous buddies, yadda, yadda, yadda….but you can read his Twitter stream just as well as we can.)

What we can offer in the way of Armstrong news comes from our viewing last night of the I Love You, Man DVD, which was released this week. (Even better the second time around, by the way.)

Anyway, in among the extras on the DVD were some deleted scenes, one of which contained some gentle ragging of Armstrong by Andy Samberg.

In the scene, Paul Rudd’s character, Peter Klaven, has dropped in on a gay bowling league to see his gay brother Robbie (played by Samberg).

Peter is excited about his new ‘bromance’ with Sydney Fife (Segal), but he’s worried that the guy has too many other friends to share his time with. That’s when Samberg, as Robbie, warns him…

Samberg: “Just make sure this Sydney guy isn’t a ‘friend slut’ like Lance Armstrong.”

Rudd: “What’s that mean?”

Samberg: “Lance Armstrong every week is in Us magazine working out with a new celebrity…one week it’s Gyllenhaal, the next week it’s McConaughey. It’s disgusting.”

Ouch! Well, at least they stayed away from an Ashley Olsen zinger. 

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 13, 2009

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