Lancet: Ukraine’s Yushchenko Saved From Poison by Facial Lumps, Olestra


You may recall that the current president of The Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, was in 2004 poisoned with dioxin, presumably by Russian agents who put it in his soup, during his fight against the Russian-approved candidate for that office, Viktor Yanukovych. We are notified by Transracial that Britain’s esteemed medical journal The Lancet, has examined his recovery from the dioxin, and determines that among the factors which saved Yushchenko’s life were the disfiguring facial lumps from which he suffered right after the attack — which isolated much of the poison on his skin (and from which he has mostly recovered) — and Olestra, the much-ridiculed fat-busting agent that Procter & Gamble wanted to put in potato chips, which was used in Yushchenko’s case to flush the poison out of his system by inducing the diarrhea that got people worked up about Olestra in the first place. So if you’ve got a vintage bag of Utz Yes Chips , hang onto it! It could come in handy when the Russkies come back after us. Image via Holdomor Truth.


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