So About That Roxy Resurrection


Yesterday, right around the time the news broke that the legendary nightclub the Roxy was on its way toward reopening in Chelsea, the two partners behind the relaunch were apparently having a bitter falling out. Blackbook is reporting, in a nearly unintelligible article, that former owner Gene Dinino, who was in good standing with the putative landlord of the new/old spot, and faction headed by Dinino’s “former corporate events planner Neal Erman,” who apparently had the means and the connections to get the club a liquor license, had a fight about money and parted ways. This leaves the money and structural improvements to the space on the wrong side of the divide, since the landlord apparently won’t deal with Erman’s group. After that, the item descends into basically incomprehensible speculation about what will happen next:

    Although rumors of another group headed up by international DJ and all around nice guy Victor Calderone, spin right round like a record playing, Gene says he is not talking to them but is looking at another situation. My bet is John Blair who ran the long running gay-based Saturday night party will step up with investors. I think the club will present a less problematic posture if it goes this route. A source told me “Neal put in a great effort and would have been a great asset to the community. He is a really nice guy, But the two groups are miles apart and I can’t imagine anyone else getting a (liquor) license. The rent is around 60,000 a month and there are lots of debts, construction and soundproofing issues.” I’ve heard a lease of less than 4 years carrying a demolition clause is all that’s being offered. With the High Line’s proximity there will be restrictions on the height of new construction. Clubs may indeed bring their own problems, but tall buildings block sunsets and cast shadows. It may be possible that a club could last a while, and that a new building may never go up, but millions will be needed to get this ginormous place up to speed. This is a high stakes poker game and I can’t tell if everybody’s bluffing or actually holding the cards. I’m glad I’m just watching. I’ll keep you posted.

So there you have it. Whatever “it” is.


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