Staten Island, Anthony Weiner Town Brawls Bring a Little American Rage to Our Communist City


That Staten Island Health Care Town Hall seems to have had some of the now-traditional bellowing, but not enough to work up a good segment for Glenn Beck. The Staten Island Advance said the New Dorp event was “a chance for many to vent frustration over the plan,” which sounds promising at first, but since there were no public officials at which malcontents could shake their fists — the meeting was run by the Staten Island Family Health Care Coalition, and presided over by a kindly doctor — actual vein-popping seems to have been limited…

Some folks did express the expected sentiments, though, (“Stop taxing us over and over and over for every little thing,” “Why is the answer in government always more government?”), and the Advance does run a photo of a white man yelling, so it will do. And the always-obstreperous Advance commenters help considerably (“it will take the press a long time to call a socialist a socialist,” “this is Americans footing the bill for people who caused most of the problems that we have in our nation today,” etc).

Meanwhile Anthony Weiner had another of his double-secret town halls, which WCBS after much arguing was allowed to invade. There too some citizen rage was on display (“‘Last time I looked this is still America — not China, not Russia, not Cuba’,” one person screamed), but not much is made of it. Maybe this schtick, like any chance of meaningful health care reform, has just been done to death.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 13, 2009

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