Underwater Peoples Announce Summer Showcase


If one were to make minute, hairsplitting distinctions between watery, gazey, lo-fi pop labels, we might cop to envying D.C. for having Underwater Peoples, the slightly more melodic, surf-centered sonic counterpart to local labels Woodsist and Captured Tracks.
The overlap is so heavy it’s almost impossible to make distinctions–we might attempt to mutter something about the comparative clarity of Family Portrait compared to Woods, or the generous sun-glaze of Ducktails compared to Blank Dogs, or how pleasantly self-contained Real Estate’s songs are, but really, all these bands live here anyway, and put out music all sorts of ways. So let’s just call it good news: Underwater Peoples are throwing a late summer showcase at the Market Hotel on Saturday, August 22nd, featuring Ducktails, Real Estate, Family Portrait, Beach Fossils, and a whole host of others, for the humble price of $5. You can even buy tickets in advance. Why are they doing this? Because, as UP write over at their site, “as fun as it is to play around on the Internet, its more fun to play around for real.” Which is true. [Pitchfork]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 13, 2009

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