Beach Eats, Food Trucks & Stadium Snacks


Hungry Girl heads to the new Yankee Stadium to scope out tasty low-cal foods and finds Lobel’s Steak Sandwich (464 calories), Nathan’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich (380 calories), and cotton candy (175 calories).
[NY Times]

The Hudson Valley, once known as New York’s “breadbasket,” is full of greenmarkets. The Hyde Park market attracts locals and visitors, and sometimes has cooking demonstrations. The tiny Hillsdale market allows you to meet the growers.
[NY Times]

TONY rounds up the best beach eats around the city, including overstuffed Cali-style tortillas at Rockaway Taco, fried clams at Johnny’s Reef Restaurant on City Island, and all-you-can-eat Maryland blue crabs at Clemente’s Maryland Crab House in Sheepshead Bay.

GQ rounds up the country’s best food trucks (groan) and only two New Yorkers made the list: the Cravings truck and the Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream truck.

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, offers an alternative to healthcare reform in his WSJ op-ed: just eat whole foods. Or get a job at Whole Foods, where you can get health insurance.
[Wall Street Journal]


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