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Daily News: Harlem Thief-Shooter Looking at “Minor” Charge


The Harlem business owner who shot four guys who were trying to rob his store may get gentle treatment from John Law. A police source tells the Daily News that “if [Charles] Augusto is hit with a charge, it will be a minor one.” And though it’s unclear whether Augusto had a permit for the shotgun, which he says he bought 30 years ago, cops tell the Post he is being treated “as a witness and a victim of an attempted armed robbery,” rather than as a suspect. Perhaps adding to his chances is the testimony of store employees that the men tied them up and one had a gun, which he used to pistol-whip one worker. (That worker, once liberated, stood over his fallen tormentor and yelled, “You were going to kill me? Now you’re dead!” reports the News.) Now Augusto just has to hope Mayor Bloomberg isn’t on one of his no-excuses gun violation rampages. Given the flow of public sentiment in this case, we doubt he will be.


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