News Roundup: Aerosmith Cancels Tour, Sujfan Nearly On Sale, Sonic Youth on Gossip Girl


–The rapidly decaying corpse of Aerosmith called the whole thing off today, canceling the rest of the band’s AeroForceOne summer tour. Frontman Steven Tyler danced his way right off the stage at a motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD last week, shattering his shoulder and amusing the entire internet in the process. “Words can’t express the sadness I feel for having to cancel this tour,” said the band’s guitarist, Joe Perry, on the Aerosmith website. “Us road dawgs will meet again.”

–Fanboys, clear your schedules. Tickets for Sufjan Stevens’s super-intimate fall tour with Cryptacize, which will consist entirely of long, heartfelt conversations with the music legend as well as healthy doses of sharing the same sweater, go on sale tomorrow at 10am. He arrives October 4, at Bowery Ballroom, and leaves four short days later, from the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Stake out Ticketmaster’s site now.

–Sonic Youth will perform EVOL‘s “Starpower” on the fifth episode of Gossip Girl this fall, consummating a relationship that began when Thurston Moore teamed up with Jemina Pearl to do a version of “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” for the show last year. “Sonic Youth is one of my favorite bands,” Gossip Girl‘s showrunner, Stephanie Savage, told EW, “and last year when I was doing my regular Gossip Girl google search, it came up in some blog about a Sonic Youth show that Thurston [Moore] was playing ‘Psychic Hearts’ and Gossip Girl was playing on a screen in the background. And I was like, ‘Whaaaat? Oh my God. I hope they’re not making fun of us! I hope it was a cool, edgy homage!'” Is there any other kind?

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