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Statue of Liberty Visit Sounds Like a Pain in the Ass


ABC News has an interesting report on the procedure for tourists who wish to ascend to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, which was opened on July 4 by Homeland Security after an eight-year shutdown. Apparently prospective climbers are shot with air by “puffer-machines” to ruffle their clothes and reveal any dangerous materials concealed therein. (You should enjoy the air while you can, as the ascent is 354 steps and the Statue is not air-conditioned.) You can’t take backpacks with you — or anything except cameras and “life-saving medication” — and to get a locker to store excess baggage you must “leave behind a fingerprint” (actually a “five-point scan that is used in an algorithm”). You have to pick up your tickets on-site the day of the visit, which keeps you from passing them off to your terrorist friends, and go through two x-ray machines. Then you can go up and celebrate freedom! We’ll take Grant’s Tomb. (Bookings for the Statue remain brisk, and are expected to be extended through January; apply here.) Image (cc) wwarby.



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