Weiner Continues Senior Town Halls; Accused of Communism, Delaying Lunch


Anthony Weiner is no longer getting away with short-notice, low-impact health care town halls. He went to a senior center in Midwood yesterday and, per the Daily News, got an earful of finely aged rage. “I came to eat and I came to eat on time,” one retiree said. “They are having chicken marsala today and the food is good.” More to the (talking) point, there were accusations of communism and socialism, and pointed questions about where the money, doctors, and chicken marsala were going to come from. The center cleared media from the room on the flimsy pretext that “Seniors are very hungry and some are diabetic.”

The Queens Chronicle offered a late report on one of Weiner’s Queens meetings: “People our age are loaded with drugs and we’re running out of money to pay for it,” said one town haller. (Perhaps this had something to do with the recent Woodstock anniversary)…

Remarkably none of the old folks, whom you think would have long historical memories, have brought up Hitler, leaving it to bulletin-boarder lucidthots: “Communazi Jew Congressman; ‘ban Cameras from Town Hall.'”

A correspondent to Atlas Shrugs provides more relevant information: “Representative Anthony Weiner is a democrat engaged to be married to a Muslim woman, Saudi raised, who worked for Hillary Clinton.” Ah, so that explains his support of Obamacare. The correspondent further reports that during the meeting a man “with a booming voice – was interjecting some of this thoughts, which after a few instances was not going over well with the crowd… in a split second 20-30 large men rushed from the back toward him and they all started trying to intimidate him… It was clear that the union had brought in the ‘big guns’ to give a sense of intimidation to anyone who might think of showing the slightest bit of push back.” There you have it: Communazi Jew Muslim-marrying strongarm tactics right in the heart of the Borough of Churches. No wonder patriots are up in arms.


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