Why We Still Can’t Buy Wine at the Supermarket


This week in the Voice, Graham Rayman takes a look at the city’s liquor laws — in particular, those surrounding the sale of wine in supermarkets. You may be able to drink just about whatever you like in this town, but it’s illegal to buy a bottle of wine with your groceries. The law was almost repealed earlier this year, but thanks to the efforts of The Last Store on Main Street, a group that opposes changes to the law, the repeal failed. The Last Store enlisted the help of local wineries to build an opposition to the bill. But the wineries may have been pressured into lending their support.

Rayman characterizes The Last Store as lobbyists posing as grassroots political activists. Seems about accurate. It’s fishy that wineries would support a law that limits the number of outlets allowed to sell their wines. Looks like the wine-dyed wool was pulled over many a winemaker’s eyes.

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