A Boo-Boo in The Observer


I love reading our weekly newspaper competitors and poring over them in search of errors. And bingo, I found one, a real whopper of massive triviality! God help me if this isn’t my Waterloo–I mean my Watergate!

See, in the current issue, veteran scribe Rex Reed critiqued My One and Only, a new comedy starring Renee Zellweger. He orgasmed over the writing, wet himself over the direction, and went out of his body, to the moon, and back on a raft of gossamer wings over the acting. And the rating? Two and a half stars!

What the fuck? Oh, relax, people. That paper’s Sara Vilkomerson tells me it should have been three and a half stars, and it will be corrected in the coming pages. But sorry, Rachel McAdams. They’re not going to up the rating for your new film!

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