David Wright Says He’ll Be Back; No Rush, Say We


David Wright, who was very badly beaned on Saturday, suited up and appeared before the press this afternoon to tell them he was “embarrassed” to be on the disabled list, despite the fact that he was unable for move for several minutes after a 94-mph Matt Cain fastball conked him, and is still thought to be suffering from a concussion. Wright is on the 15-day list, and doesn’t expect to sit any longer than that.

It was nice to see Wright talking normally and showing no Dickie Thon/ Tony Conigliaro-scale injuries. We wish him a full recovery, and game as he is, we don’t see why he should rush his return. With Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran all hurt, the Mets are now virtually star-free except for pitchers. As this can be nothing but a rebuilding year anymore, doing without the big guns is probably good exercise as well as a confidence builder for the rest of them. Sunday’s win (heroes: Castillo, Francoeur, Murphy) was one of the more enjoyable games of the season, and we wouldn’t mind seeing more like it. Whether they finish fourth or fifth doesn’t matter that much to us.



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